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Water Of Wisdom

There is wisdom in everything in the world, even in the simplest of things. Try drinking water as if it’s your first time. Experience it without judgement — feel yourself tasting it and the water going through your body. Know that there is wisdom even in this. Drop all ego and judgement and notice when you are moving through life in an automated way. When you live in an automated mode, you miss the wisdom that lies all around you.


Meagan Ruppert, 2017/09/21 16:18

You are 80% water and, as water holds memories from the past, know that The wisdom you seek is inside of you. But you must be willing to acknowledge that wisdom. This is shown on the card as the horses drinking the water… you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Here the horses, which symbolize freedom, are drinking the water - acknowledging this wisdom.

The warrior woman on the card reminds us of our true power. She is not afraid of what lies ahead for she knows deep within that there is a divine plan and all she needs to do is trust herself and the process. The symbol on her forehead reminds me of a woman carrying water. This brings with it a reminder of the divine feminine within you. As a water bearer, you are a creator, you hold within your hands the seed of life. To drink the water is to remember. To remember is to thrive.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 12:54

Water is life giving. Wisdom is the sharing of the lessons learned in this life. Water is said to have a memory and never forgets. Going with the flow in life will ensure your lessons will no break you. Remember to keep the attitude of gratitude for all you have and you don't have. Step outside your self as an unjaded observer and see with clarity and not emotion of the why did I have to have these lessons? Have a clear and clean sense of who, what, and why you had this experience. Use clear crystal quartz for guidance. Call upon your greatest teachers, angels, and most trusted sources for answers.

Wayne, 2017/01/17 18:29

This card tells me to listen deeply to the wisdom of my own life story. To listen deeply to the voice of life as it manifests in my own. We are connected (whether we are aware of it or not) and our awareness of that connectedness is strengthened and clarified by our intentional focus on the voice of wisdom in our lives. The lesson is for us individually, no one else. This card is an invitation to Listen to life!

Ben Noach, 2016/11/29 16:50

Drink water like its the first time :-)

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