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The Watcher

Try looking at a situation from a distance, as if you are hiding in a jungle and observing something from afar, without being noticed. This distance will give you clarity and objectivity to help you understand the situation better. Your vantage point is much more limited when you are too close to something. Better to get distance before taking action.


Bruce Robie, 2017/02/22 19:15

You are startled by humans hunting in the forest. From the brush, motionless, you watch, observe. And simultaneously, without a thought, begin to let instinct and feeling assess “what's really going on.” Heightened Awareness is yours in the silence.

With finely tuned hearing. Still. Motionless. Listening with your starry eyes. And scanning with your keen whiskered snout. Your very being is already open. Expansive. Uncompromising in its absorption of The Wisdom. It blows in on the breeze. It carries a hawk's cry from the distance.

Now there's a rustling in the leaves. In the breeze. In the shadows. In the scent of potential danger. Your ears perk in the direction of a distant murmuring conversation.

For now be your own being. Let your senses do their work. Without you.

This is not an exercise in “fight or flight.” You have withdrawn by choice. Sharply watching from the brush Disappearing until invisible. you are not hiding. Rather, You are the Only One. In tune with all the forest spirit world around you. Modern humans are exiles by their own choice, greed and arrogance. You are “the Witnessing” in the dappled sunlight of discernment. Let yourself be counseled and warmed. By the Soul of the Moment. Patiently letting Instinct make its move.

You are not waiting. Not praying for something different. Not reacting. Just consciously breathing. You are now One. The Soul of This Moment. When you let yourself go, there is no “next move.” There is no You. Just the world already in motion.

Linda, 2017/02/13 17:24

The Watcher is observant. Quietly listening. Contemplating, weighing all the information before sounding the alarm. Sure of the vision. Alert. Understanding of the consequences while gathering all the information, getting all the facts..All seeing, Guardian of all that is in his watch, from the least of them, to the greatest. All are equal in the eyes of the Watcher. Each life precious. Every journey important, life's lessons unfolding, a wonder to each participant, some sadness, some joy, tears, and laughter, Darkness and light being brought to your attention, unfolding,enlightening. Your turn to choose.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 12:39

this cards immediately brings me to the guardians of the watchtowers. Ancient guides and wisdom. A watcher is the master observer and master of silence. Being silent does not mean you are weak. Rather it indicates your are wise enough to observe and listen before reacting and speaking without the wisdom and knowledge so the truth can ring for all to hear. Know when to speak and when to listen when to act and when to just be observant. Once you master these skills people will be looking to you for your inner wisdom for your advice. Focus on your throat chakra for when you speak in wisdom and truth it will be a gift for all who hear.

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