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The Third Eye

The Third Eye represents knowledge that is expansive and other worldly. It is knowable but not seeable, since it lies beyond the physical world. Open your third eye to connect to the universal database of knowledge. This is knowledge that comes from within, instead of what we take from our external world through our physical eyes. It is also information that is clear and without question, since the third eye is but one ultimate channel, not two. Take care of both your physical body and spiritual self, for they must be in balance. Suddenly you will feel you have absolute knowledge within you and you will not doubt it.


Linda, 2017/06/07 22:36

The third eye is an extension of the I AM. It is connected to the universe and is able to access all knowledge and understanding. When all your senses are in alignment and you are connected to all that is, outside the human realm, into the divine, everything is possible and you can transcend the body, time, and space. Opening the 3rd eye is a way of plugging in to the spirit within.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 12:34

the old ways may not necessarily be the best ways. Use new expanded ways of thinking and observing all situations. The third eye is all about insight and foresight. Seeing and exploring through other means than just the typical 3D ways. Explore using meditation, see other dimensions. Go inwards for answers rather than outwards. attune with your inner divine and you can be peaceful and content. Learn and master the vision of your insight. Practice makes perfect.

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