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The Shaman

The Shaman understands s/he has a specific role to play in society — that s/he isn’t simply being a guide to satisfy him or herself. What is your position or function? What is the role you are playing? Connect to your Shaman, a metaphor to understand your abilities, and do so with no regrets. Once you find your role, do it with purpose. You will be a great example and a guide to others to find their own. Understand that the Shaman sacrifices many things to be a Shaman. Being who you really are comes with a price. But finding your calling and doing it with integrity is life-affirming.


Linda, 2017/09/05 21:36

The Shaman is all things to all people. Answers are sought from the source. All dimensions,past,present,& future are made available. Going within and without are the tools used to access any and all healing. Teaching others to access and use all modalities, to listen, and understand the whole of what we truly are. Once you understand the connected-ness of all things, that we are all one and all is within us, the limitations set upon us no longer apply.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 10:51

ancient modalities of healing and help. You are a healer. Share your gifts with our precious Gaia and all it's inhabitants. Learn and develop your skills to share with others in need. FOCUS and Determination will achieve your goals. BLOCKS ARE REMOVED

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