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The Rebel

The Rebel represents an energy that comes from within and is unapologetically authentic. Don’t be afraid to use the rebel energy to create new situations. This takes getting into higher vibrations and consciousness. Be original — the information comes from within, not from your external environment. Take from your own ideas and thoughts.


Gloria, 2018/03/23 14:43

The Rebel doesn't care much about the reaction of others to their self-expression. The Rebels mind opens up - or shuts down - to let other powers take over. To free the energies and feelings within is liberating. This liberation is like the wind that helps to keep the eagle afloat once it has taken flight. The Rebel, as eagle, surfs on the wind and roars through the sky as mighty figure. From this high position and high state of consciousness the Rebel can see things more clearly and read and solve the riddles and complexities of life more easily. The Rebel is a free spirit and may live in their own world. Be careful not to loose touch with friends and family while enjoying the eagles flight!

Linda, 2017/02/10 23:52

I guard my scared space and apologize not for my place in the universe. I make my stand for the highest and greatest good of myself and all others. Rebellion requires wisdom, strength and fortitude. Silence can say more than a thousand words, causing others to look inward and take inventory of themselves. The rebel has many tools in her arsenal, and chooses wisely which to utilize, as required by the masters and according to the heart of the warrior. Discernment is also a requirement and each step a movement towards the highest outcome for all involved. The rebel is not stubborn, but must weigh the consequences of each outcome. I equate this place like a game of chess, each movement is calculated and you look forward to the opponents next move, long before they are aware of their own , keeping your options open and the arsenal ready.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 10:48

Ground and protect yourself and sacred space before swimming against the tide. Ask for divine guidance and be fearless in your decision. Fight the GOOD fight you believe in. Stand your ground. Be no doormat. Be a pillar of light. The lighthouse. Let your light shine for all to see. Light your soul on fire.

Linda, 2017/02/10 23:36

Thank-You Natalie. Exactly what I needed

Jenn Azure, 2018/04/17 00:55

So simple and profound. (and useful) Thank you. Jenn

Daniel Davis, 2016/12/31 00:19

Rampage of Authenticity

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