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The Other Side

You must recognize that from where you stand right now, there is another side to which you have to get. Think about a river being in the middle of two plots of land. You are one side and must find the bridge that will get you to the right position on the other side. It might be difficult, but must be achieved to reach your goals. Take heed of the possibility of moving freely between the two places. In order to do this, notice the obstacles that might be blocking you, and work to take them away.


Nangala, 2018/05/01 18:05

We're all trying to get to somewhere, on the search for something. To get to the other side we have to face our fears and structures. Identify them. Watch them. Notice when they kick in. The growing awareness will help to build new roads, new connections in your brain. There may be suffering in our current state, and there is going to be suffering on our way. But if we keep on going, we may find the thing we're searching for (or a version of it) on the other side.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 10:43

the grass is not always greener there. Always listen to the 3rd side of every story. Do not believe all you see, hear, and read. This is about the power to discern. Trust your gut your intuition, that feeling inside of you as to how to act or react. try to react with empathy not anger. Use your inner guides to assist prior to making any vast changes.

Brianna, 2016/12/05 23:09

It's a daily practice to make your self stronger and yet we get inner strength and go beyond what we trained for

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