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The Mushroom

This card is about shifting your thinking and connecting to other consciousness. Dip into the intricate system of communication available to you, represented by the spores of the mushroom. The tiger signifies confidence — you must trust in who you are in order to cross consciousness. Attempting to cross with fear inside you will not work. To unblock yourself, trust that everything will be okay in this trip of crossing. Be open to communication and receive new knowledge without judgement.

Mushrooms are fungi, thriving in warmth and darkness. In certain climates, it's typical to see them spring up overnight in what was a clear patch of grass late the prior afternoon. If you draw The Mushroom card and are finding yourself currently stressed and overextended, this is a sugestion to devote some time each day in comfortable withdrawal from the outer world, to renew and restore your being. A period of quiet meditation, contemplation, gentle stretching, or even a warm bath can help to you to re-energize, and will support you in approaching the rest of life in a positive way.

Whether or not you are frazzled, the Mushroom also represents an offering of outside help. Some indigenous cultures have used certain mushrooms as a consciousness-expanding tool, and the mushrooms are pleased to help such people contact realms of existence normally unavailable to them. The Mushroom card is saying that there are intelligences waiting to help you; all you need do is ask, whether your request is most comfortably offered to guides, guru, or God. Upon awakening, before or after quiet time or meditation, and just before sleep are particularly good times to send forth your requests.

The calmness of the lounging tiger can be yours by enlisting the help of your spiritual guidance.


Natalie, 2017/02/04 10:36

out of the darkness the light will come.Enlightenment is coming through your darkest hours. Your lessons have been learned. It has been a dark trying time but you have changed on a deeper soul level. Dark times are still a nourishment for our soul to grow on. You can harvest your lessons and carry them with you for the rest of your journey. It has been a huge big life lesson and one you will call upon and perhaps help others go through their tough time with your newly learned abilities? A from the bottom up perspective. Share you experience and trials. You can help others now.. new abilities. new strengths to be shared

Wayne, 2017/01/17 18:28

Ask your spirit guides to assist you in your growth. Your guides are there to support you and, well, guide you on your spiritual quest. Don't be shy about asking for their help, it's actually why they are there. Be open to the suggestions that come in, be ready to make changes, know that those changes build trust between you and your guides. The more you act on their advice the more and deeper the knowledge they will share with you.

Ultimately, if you ask the right questions and listen for the answers, they will guide you to an understanding of deep knowledge. Secrets of the ages will open to you. To spirit, the passing of time is centuries in seconds. Be ready to move forward by leaps and bounds with this method.

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