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The Mermaid

You are much deeper than the thoughts or perceptions you have about yourself. This card is about peeling back the layers to finally see the deeper you. Dive deep into yourself like the mermaid dives deep into the sea, to heal from energy you can find there. If you are working on something, dive deeply into it. Investigate. Push yourself to leave your safe zone. You may feel like going there will leave you short of breath, but understand that being with your deepest fears can be life-giving.


Linda, 2017/02/12 17:00

The mermaid is hidden deep in the depths of the sea. She comes forth when called upon and sings her song of beauty, luring you to your death. Death from self, To harmonize with the one within, one must call upon her. Listen to the song she sings, bringing you into alliance, mind, body and spirit working together. Her life is in the water, water represents life, springing forth from the depths is the source of your being. Shed the old and step into the new. This life has always been there, hidden in the dark places of your soul, in the places that must be revealed and exposed to the light. Fear not, for from this death, comes life, renewed, regenerated, energized.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 10:29

The mermaid is a water creature. Water is flow and currency. When I see a mermaid I think of love will be coming to those who cleanse and open their hearts and believe in the magic of love. You will have clarity in a situation you have been fretful or doubtful of. Do not seek with a jaded mind or a prejudgement of what is really going on. Make sure you are ready to know the truth and then it will be revealed. Hidden agendas, but the truth always comes out. Ask and you will receive.

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