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The Horse

In ancient times, the old tribes lived at quite a distance from one another and had no way of connecting. One day, a horse showed up at a tribal camp and lay down before the chief. The chief mounted the horse and was taken to the neighbouring tribe. The meaning behind this card is that you are meant to cross limits otherwise thought to be out of reach. The horse represents going beyond boundaries you would not normally cross. Cross those boundaries to find new passageways and reveal new thinking.


Gloria, 2018/03/23 15:07

Rider and Horse are connected from mind to mind and heart to mind. These connections are trust. The Rider can centre themselves and trust the Horse with the way. The Horse can thread through difficult terrain and even finds a way where there seems to be none. It can cover great distances with ease. Together Rider and Horse can travel across dimensions: through space and time. The horse is a loyal companion on the Riders journey. It's company and warmth help the Rider align with themselves and with their past. The wings growing out of the back of the rider represent liberation from scars and scares behind. The wings are young and may still grow.

Linda, 2017/04/21 23:40

Connection with horse is freedom. Going past the boundry. The spirit of horse is strong, she will take you to your destination. she stands mighty in the battle and carries the rider with purpose and unflinching nerve. She knows her way and will take you home. Sure footed in unknown territory, seeking shelter during the storm and water for the thirst, she will lead you to those places for comfort and restoration. Rider and horse are connected. Moving as one being. Her instinct is true and her heart is sure. Call on horse to lead you in battle and to bring you home safely.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 10:18

The horse meaning traveling at distances and speed, strength, and having the spirit and stamina to get through our strides. Be mindful not to take a path leaden with snakes for they will scare a horse and make him buck. Take the path less traveled. Be a leader not a follower. This card reveals that you have a leadership trait which you need to call upon now to guide you. The horse is strength, beauty, and ability to move at great speed. Saddle up and be safe on your journey. Go forth with all your gifts. Be a leader that you are always meant to be.

Wayne, 2017/01/17 18:23

We are constrained by the perimeters we set for ourselves. It seems everyone wants to build fences. The Horse gives us the capability to leap over them! Shake off the ties that bind you down and leap! Blaze a trail where there is no trail, find your own way up the mountain

Brianna, 2016/12/05 23:13

The person has wings yet they are in unison with this strong horse being their hearts are connecting with a long wave length, red the slowest but red also signifies a primal energy. It's almost a mystically grounding pair

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