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The Gate Of Knowledge

The Gate Of Knowledge symbolizes the opening of the gate to new dimensions of knowledge — those moments in time of sudden insight and intuition. It represents the beginning of a spiritual or shamanic journey; or the entrance into a new and other realm. This higher knowledge is available and accessible to everyone, you only need the right conditions and state of mind to attain it. There is an intuitive component involved — knowledge that is not fully possible to understand, yet recognizable once it is received and able to be fully experienced from that point onward.

The painting is meant as an inspiration for people who are beginning their spiritual journeys, to help give them confidence along the way, to show what awaits if they are willing to take that first step. The dahlia flower symbolizes the magic of our consciousness, where we are now, the beautiful things in the world that we can see and touch and are capable of seeing today. The gate surrounding the woman symbolizes the connection between our earthly knowledge and consciousness now, and forms of higher consciousness that exist above and beyond. And the moon symbolizes the higher consciousness, that to which we can aspire and attain, the moon's phases representing the different stages, progressive evolution and deepening of our connection as we become more aware and involved. The horses symbolize this journey as well, and tell the same story in a similar way. In the olden days the tribes lived so far from each other than they never met or were even aware of each other's existence. One day, a horse came to one of the chiefs of one of the tribes. The horse beckoned the chief to come riding, to journey to new places that could only be reached with the assistance of the horse. It was an invitation to see, experience and learn what is possible and what lies beyond. There are many ways to get to get to these places; this painting shows how. It is a visualization of the start, the beginning; you decide whether you wish to come along and how far you want to go. Confluence of elements, meeting between different worlds, traveling to and experiencing new realities, existence of higher dimensions.


Natalie, 2017/02/04 08:31

It is time for you to open your inward gate and benefit by being the Hermit. Focus inward researching your soul, books, be the seeker of information and truth. Seek all things with your soul's purpose and intent. You will find enlightenment and wisdom which is hidden from those without the open heart, mind, and soul to receive such information. Seek and you shall find.

Wayne, 2017/01/17 18:21

We stand at the gate, unsure if we should open it. For me, this card represents the moment when we reach out, open the gate, and walk through it into the garden that has been created for us. We realize in that moment how all of our work, our opening to grace, and the divine preparation that has been made for our arrival all unite in a single decisive reflex.

We step into our destiny and our heart opens into all we are and all we always have ever been. We walk into the confidence of that self-unity and all our fear falls away. We have arrived back to where we began, the garden, and we stand in strength and grace sure of what we have become and grateful for all the work and love that brought us here

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