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The Diamond

You deserve to be who you are and to fulfill your potential. Know that you can be very strong and very positive at the same time. Strength does not need to be aggressive. Shine on, diamond!


crystal miel cossey, 2018/12/10 18:09

Diamonds as Spiritual Stones. … In short, diamonds represent faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love. It removes certain types of deviations in the aura, which can be best imagined as sort of voids, and diamond fills them with the pure energy of love.

crystal miel cossey, 2018/12/10 18:10

It inspires creativity, ingenuity, inventivity, faith, endurance, and helps in manifesting abundance in all areas of life. Diamond is a symbol of the richness of the Self. As the hardest mineral of all, it is especially esteemed owing to its beauty, purity, and ability to reflect light in a special manner. Diamond brings purity, and clear positive resolution of all problems that bother us, especially after we have become willing to admit our wrong perceptions and approaches, or our unreal expectations. Diamonds work together with other crystals in accentuating their vibratory, healing qualities and can be used for example in crystal healing therapy.

Color and Physical Properties

Diamonds are created out of pure carbon. They have a very strong crystal structure where the carbon atoms in the crystal are especially strongly bonded. They can form octahedral (classical diamond), trapezoidal and dodecahedral crystals.

In their most perfect form they are colorless and with special fire patterns. Naturally, they can be found in all nuances and colors, from white, black, pale pink, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and brown, and this has to do with impurities of some light elements, like for example nitrogen. Due to the presence of certain foreign atoms the color of diamond can be altered, for example, only one atom of boron that comes on milion atoms of carbon can effectively absorb the color from the red part of the spectrum and thus produce color change to blue. Actually, diamonds are among the purest crystals that can be obtained either in nature or in laboratory.

One of the best known diamonds in the word, the Hope Diamond owns its color due to boron defects. Natural blue diamonds are extremely rare, and incredibly expensive. On the other hand, if there is nitrogen in diamond's crystal structure what will be absorbed is the violet end of the electro-magnetic spectrum which produces yellow color of the diamond. The colors are an interesting subject and you can find more about the color symbolism of crystals here.

The Metaphysical Meaning of Diamond

The Hindu tradition relates diamonds to the planet Venus, while some other ancient peoples believed that they are connected to the planet Mars. The later is probably due to the warriors' custom of wearing diamond stones in battle for protection and strength. It was thought that diamonds make the warriors invincible and that they fortify their muscles. In favor of this thesis speaks the Greek word for diamond - adamas - which means invincible.

The diamonds have been called kings of all crystals, stones of the mind and gemstones of the masters. This is no doubt, the most powerful crystal imaginable in the domain of metaphysics. It is able of reaching deep into us and opening much more spiritual doors than any other stone. Even more than that, diamond is able to bring abundance and fulfillment of the desires or undertaking you can only dare to imagine. If you dare to dream your own and true destiny, diamond is here to help you accomplish it.

The meaning of diamonds from the more meditative point of view is simple: this gemstone is capable of cleansing your energetic obstacles. By the increased feeling of self respect and self love diamond will also help you understand your own emotional obstructions. Purified by the diamond you will shine up to the eternity and be perfect. That will bring you inner peace and a feeling of calm. Diamond is as well capable of casting away the negative emotions and thoughts that might want to find their way to you, thus increasing your physical, mental, and spiritual energy, and bringing positive mental attitude. It will enable new things to start happening in your life. It will increase your energy on various levels slowing down the aging process. Physically, it will help regenerate the cells in the body. “Amante de Dio”, the Italian word means the lover of God. So it will help you make a better contact with the Divine.

Physical and Mental Healing wit Diamonds and their Care

In meditation, as a stone of the intellect, it helps the mind to detach itself from the unwanted and unnecessary thoughts, bringing mental clarity to where it is most needed. Indeed, the picture of a perfect brilliant diamond was often used in the meditative practices of different spiritual traditions for thousands of years.

Diamond activates the seventh crown chakra Sahasrara. It unites the body with the mind, and is able to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It can stimulate the glands of the endocrine system, and help in cases such as leukemia and skeletal problems. It can enhance sight, and help balance the metabolism. It is believed to be able to heal capillary bleeding. Diamond gives an increased power to help resist addiction, especially if related to increased food intake, and cigarets.

Due to its metaphysical features, there is no need to internally purify or do crystal charging of diamonds. So indeed, I hope you have realized what the meaning of diamonds is and how powerful they are in sense of their metaphysical, healing and spiritual properties. The price of the natural gemstones is high, but their benefits can also be substantial if you know how to properly use them in healing, meditation, and crystals programming.

Linda, 2018/02/25 22:29

Even within the diamond, flaws are found. You can shine, even with the flaws. Don't lose sight of your beauty, while striving for perfection. Shine where you stand today and the more you shine the brighter you become. Don't allow the flaws to outshine the beauty within. As each flaw is cut away by the masters hand, the true essence is brought forth and it's final glory is made known.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 09:55

Many people do not like pressure. Pressures of life to be the change we need to be. The greatest earthly pressure make diamonds. The hardest substance on the Earth. The rarest and most beautiful when polished. Your soul is a beautiful shining diamond. Things are not happening TO you but FOR you to be the change you need to be. where you need to be. The Diamond card is screaming Great Changes/Great pressures with the change but the end results will be amazing and beautiful.

Leanne Weber, 2017/01/23 00:23

Diamonds are formed under extreme pressure. Know that you will be able to use the many facets left behind by your experiences to reflect light to yourself and others.

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