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Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama is the Mother of earth. Remember that you are part of something bigger. Mother Earth is always there for you and you can always connect to Pacha Mama to receive healing and self-confidence. Go outside into nature, respect it and re-connect to it. It will be there to support you.

This is a card of affirmation for you, reflecting the abounding love of the Earth Mother. Pachamama's very nature is is to give as much as she is able, both to those who love her and to those who offer her only neglect.

Her hand rests on her heart, a silent expression of the words “I love you.” She gazes calmly and warmly into your eyes, welcoming you and offering you her friendship. With an awareness of the infinite light, she is the channel for bringing that light into earthly form.

If your reading is focused on whether or not a particular change would enhance your life, Pachamama is answering “yes”. If you are instead trying to find out how to cope with, or overcome, a challenging situation, she is counseling you to change your focus from the problem to the calming energies of nature. A swim or sail, walk in the woods or on the beach, or even just lounging on the lawn can help center your frantic mind, and distract your conscious self from your difficulties so that your inner awareness can present a solution.

While Pachamama is not demonstrative regarding her own needs, she does rely on your love in return. If you find yourself so moved, use this card as a reminder to show her a sign of care. When the opportunity exists, feed some birds, plant a tree, recycle waste, water a plant, or choose another way to nurture the Earth; and as you do so remember Pachamama and thank Her for her gifts.


Natalie, 2017/02/04 09:08

Connect to the divine feminine and she will guide your spirit to the right path you need to be on. Your divine mother loves and cherishes all who are her children. Ask and you shall receive.

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