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Out Of Reach

This card is about the places we can reach only within our minds for they do not exist in the physical realm. Journey into these Shamanic quests or visions, since these deeper states hold the answers to some of the most burning questions you might hold.


crystal miel cossey, 2018/12/09 02:00

Vengeance, Defense and Gorgon Meaning

Understandably, Medusa became pretty bitter about the whole turning into a monster thing. Part of gorgon meaning deals with a certain kind of seduction with the result being the death of whomever she woos. A gorgon was able to pluck a viper from her coiffure and command it to do her bidding. Sometimes this meant a killing strike upon an unsuspecting passerby. Was she playing dirty pool? Maybe, but maybe she had her reasons.

Another fact of gorgon meaning deals with the whole turning folks into stone bit. Rather than seeing stars, looking into Medusa’s eyes made a body see granite. Yep, meeting Medusa’s gaze turned a body into a boulder.

The Legacy of Medusa – Gorgon Meaning That Won’t Quit

Okay, so Medusa’s plight continues to become more tragic after her death. Interestingly, death doesn’t staunch Medusa’s core spirit of generosity. Beneath that gorgon exterior, Medusa was still a giving being.

Even through an incredible, unwanted assault, Poseidon’s attack upon Medusa wasn’t entirely disastrous. Their union caused Medusa to become pregnant. Immediately after Perseus murdered Medusa, she gave birth to Pegasus, the magical winged horse who contributed much to Greek myth.

But that’s not Medusa’s only contributions after death. Here are a few contributions credited to Medusa, even after her beheading.

♦ A grand coral reef was said to be created in the Red Sea when Medusa’s blood trickled into the waters after Perseus set her head down on the shore.

♦ Medusa thwarted an unwanted marriage between Perseus’ mother and Polydectes when Perseus revealed Medusa’s gaze upon Polydectes, turning him to stone.

♦ Medusa had a part in creating the Atlas mountains. While traveling through Africa, Perseus was attacked by a Titan. After revealing Medusa’s stony stare, the Titan was transformed into the Atlas mountain range.

♦ To this day, Greek art depicts the image of Medusa. These pieces are thought to be protection against enemies and bad energy.

Pretty interesting that Medusa’s name means ‘to protect’ – she seemed to do a lot of that after her death.

Closing Thoughts on Gorgon Meaning and Medusa

In the end, I think the moral of Medusa’s story is this: Even the most awful so-called ‘monsters’ serve unexpected purposes. Therefore, it might be a good idea to think twice about the ugly, cranky, outcasts in our lives. I think gorgon meaning is intended to make us reconsider that which is ‘abnormal’ or ‘freakish.’

Look at all Medusa accomplished. Unfortunately, her path was a tragic one, and her greatest hits were celebrated after her death. Nevertheless, her legacy lives forever.

Winona, 2017/06/24 21:47

Out of reach is a perception only, nothing more. Everything you want and need in life is attainable. What do you perceive as out of reach? Why? Is it too far away? Is it too hard to achieve? Does it cost too much money? Does it take you out of your comfort zone? Does it ask too deep of questions of you? Does it take too much truth? These are all limits of perception. Nothing is out of reach. When you realise your full potential, everything is within reach. You can manifest anything you want and need in this life. What do you perceive as out of reach? Why do you see those limitations within yourself? It is time to face them, don't accept them, it's time to face them head on. Face them, change them and claim them. That's where the power lies. Water finds its way anywhere, learn to flow like the water and NOTHING is out of your reach.

Linda, 2017/03/16 03:13

Go within. See the unseen, Feel their presence. Call upon the warriors, the ancestors, the masters of the universe, the angels and teachers of the highest realm. Understand the power within, open yourself to the unseen spirit that harnesses the power of the universe. Release those trapped between the dimensions, Put in balance and harmony that which is out to harm and cause chaos. Defend the defenseless, those unsure of their power. Direct all to the light. Set into harmony all, utilizing the energy of the source and his dominions who are waiting to usher the unseen back to their place until the time of all judgement. All is as it should be. All is known, that can be known. Trust, Listen. Believe. You are all that is and the power of creation, bringing into the light all that is hidden. All is known, All is as it should be.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 09:04

this is showing that there is a great deception in your life situation and circumstances at the present time. Nothing can ever be out of reach unless you BELIEVE that it is out of reach. All goals are attainable, all focus with intent and love will be reached. in introspection what is the BLOCK? Who or what are you allowing to block you from reaching and obtaining your goals? With guidance, introspection, there is always an answer. Find out the truth in the deception and you will have VICTORY.

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