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Nature Connection

This is about getting back to the simple order of things in life. Understand that we are — just as water, plants and animals — from the earth. Think about how we can learn from the other beings on earth, like animals, instead of mastering them: their simple way of being who they are in order to survive. Connect this to yourself. When things might seem obvious, look at them as if for the first time. Don’t assume you have all the answers because it seems familiar.


Winona, 2017/06/24 21:48

Our true power comes when we accept that we are not separate from or greater than nature but an integral part of the natural system. Only then can we can fully realise our power: gaining the keen eye and wisdom of the owl; the majestic stature and power of the stag; the cunning nature of the fox; the ability to cleanse that which is not needed like the waters; honouring the power of our ancestors that walked before us as elephants do - only then can we unfold in balance like the lotus and start anew like the fern, which thrives in all environments - and our power will emanate from within to all around us.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 08:53

Simplicity is the key. Strip everything down to it's bare minimum. Be naked in truth. Walk with nature as one. Be in awe of all the universe has given us on Gaia. She with heal you and in return send loving energies to her. We are one with Gaia. She is the mother. Turn to the divine feminine for guidance and love to reconnect and rebirth. Renewal with nature as Spring is rebirth.

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