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Mental Agriculture

This card is about going back to basic instinct. Think about knowledge as a pyramid. The people in power are at the top, disseminating information down through the minds of people they wish to control. We have been taught to rely on a calculated mind based on top-down information. This is about exploring the huge body of knowledge we have from using our own senses to collect and receive knowledge from the earth and from the universe. In order to maximize our experience, we must become the gardeners of our own thoughts. We have to till and care for the figurative environment to grow healthy and bountiful minds. Grow the things that nurture you. Healthy thoughts support a healthy being. You are in control.


crystal miel cossey, 2018/12/09 00:41

Finally Seeing your true self in the mirror.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 08:49

what is it you want to learn, know, and grow in your life? Plants the seeds of whatever you want to manifest with determination and ask for guidance. SOW all SEEDS with LOVE and you reap the bounties of wisdom, love, and abundance of what you are seeking. DO NOT ONLY SEEK WITH YOUR MIND. Make sure what you seek is in sync with mind, body,as well as spirit.

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