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Fearless Warrior

Find your inner Warrior! A real warrior never fights. Rather, real power comes from knowing your abilities. And this power is endless. The Way of the Samarai would say that a real warrior knows when not to fight, knows that real power is in that knowledge. The fearless warrior knows how to stand her ground without fighting, yet does not fear to fight if or when it does become necessary.



Linda, 2017/02/17 02:05

The warrior is fearless because her methods have been tested and proved. She is sure of her abilities and stands true to her calling. She picks her method based on experience. Listening to the inner voice, not doubting her charge. Listening requires an inner stillness. Waiting to fight when the moment is opportune, and will assure an outcome for the highest and greatest good. The warriors heart is full and she is the champion of righteousness. Each side weighed carefully to bring the truth to light and expose the lies behind the shadows and masks. Truth always seeks the light and can not be hidden long. Fearless hearts have been purged, refined and made clean. They cannot choose to be less than they are designed to be. This is her destiny!

Natalie, 2017/02/04 02:09

This card says Choose your battles wisely. Fight or flight. If you choose to fight you will need to call on your guardians and wisdom for armor in battle. Make sure it is even Worth the fight. When in doubt, Don't.

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