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Deep Roots

We often forget about the things we cannot see, like the roots that run deep underground to support a tree. This card reminds you to connect to roots and ancient energy. There are answers that lie within this connection. Every energy has a purpose. Although we cannot see it, we can feel it. Feel the energy to try and understand it.


Linda, 2017/02/23 01:33

Roots can fool you sometimes..They can appear to run deep, then as the storm approaches, the mightiest of trees, topple, exposing the shallow roots. Planting the tree in fertile ground, with much water and pruning, allows the tree to grow strong and sure. Remove all the dead, that causes decay and weakness. Reach deep within yourself to remove the stones that cause the root to form in another direction. The path must be clear and straight. Clear away all obstacles so that your true form will stand when presented with the storms of life, so that many can come rest in the shade of your branches. Your tree bearing fruit for the multitudes and giving life to others.

Natalie, 2017/02/04 02:37

Family roots, ties, customs, history the past It is what we have that has made us thus far. Take all these pasts lessons, knowledge, and sustenance to forge ahead. Move ahead and don't look back. FORGE AHEAD with love and light!

Wayne, 2017/01/17 18:13

Underground there exists a network of connections, roots connect to other roots in lines of communication, spreading information in ways we can scarce imagine while looking at the surface, where nothing seems to be happening. The universe is working, forming connections and gaining nourishment, all to support us in our next stage of growth. We may not see it, but this hidden energy is just waiting for us to call upon it and use it to build the world back in line with the laws of nature.

Pulling our strength from the depths or the earth, the deep soil where the Earth's nourishing powers are most potent. Feel supported in your path, dig deep, into the rich dirt of your soul, into the black loam of the unconscious, connecting to the deep roots where the abundance of nutrients reside.

Madeline Spooner, 2016/12/25 23:39

There is something we are drawn to on a core level when we see a person adorned with animal feathers, beads, bone and body paint. The polarizing effect it seems to have on the modern psyche is something deep, connected, primal and heart-centered yet so foreign, strange and unfamiliar. What is the ancient symbolism our ancestors depicted when they painted themselves this way and danced by firelight?

The man in this painting is not afraid to go into the dark depths of his psyche, to dance and interact with the forms that appear in the shadows. In fact, he is one with the darkness and stands in it, lionhearted. He waits patiently for the forms to appear, and he welcomes them with self-possession. He knows there is nothing to fear because he has welcomed the darkness in and embraced it.

Imagine the human form in its symmetrical splendor, enhanced with the parallelism of the painted body. When darkness falls, the bright paint catches the dim light of the moon. The slivering waves of color shape-shift on the skin, illuminating the essence behind the physical being- the currents of energy that hold our form. As the figure dances, the movements are fluid, and the rigidity of the body fades away. Something deep and primitive begins to happen, a transcendence not bound by earth's time: its ancient origins exist supremely in the Here and Now. We couple with this force. We surrender to the soulful call of our ancestors, like the man in this painting, when they perform that sacred ritual.

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