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Circle Of Life

Everything is connected and you are part of something bigger, even if sometimes that is hard to grasp. Always look for new connections and treat them as if they could potentially be very important for the future. Treat a slave the same as you would meeting a king. The more we do this, the stronger our connection becomes to the bigger picture and to each other.

The Circle of Life card is indicative of very positive outcomes. If you are wondering whether pursuing a new course of action would yield beneficial results, this card is delivering a powerful “yes” response to you. Or, if you are questioning whether your current actions and plans are leading you to a positive outcome, again the answer is “yes”.

There are two figures depicted in this card. The forward image to the right represents you as you are seen by the outer world, most of whose members perceive primarily your physical and intellectual attributes. The image behind and to the left is your inner, spiritual nature. There is a strong emanation from the throat chakra of this image, indicating that the path you are contemplating will transform self-discovery into potent self-expression; the tranquil green face of this figure indicates that whatever form this self-expression takes will offer profound healing to yourself and/or to others. A rainbow projects itself toward this spirit essence of yourself, signalling that divine help is being provided.

While the “outer you” the world notices may seem little changed, profound transformation is available to your inner self, and it will radiate invisibly into your physical circumstances with positive results.


Natalie, 2017/02/04 02:34

The circle of life reminds us how we are all one. we are all connected by common matter and that time is a man made concept. It is never too late or too early to start a new project or get closure on something. Time is relevant but not more than you are. We all are born a child and should always keep that child like innocence and wonder throughout our lifetime for holding that happiness with take you far in life. PURE JOY, PURE HEART.

Wayne, 2017/01/17 18:20

I've been feeling this awareness and new information coming from another place, like it's me but not me, me as though I was existing in a different world with different circumstances. I see visions of there, I feel this other me. I have heard the veil between the worlds is melting; that the flow of energy and information from other dimensions is becoming easier.

Here are other parts of myself integrating together. My guardian angel and guides are close. I close my eyes and they are with me, I can see them and feel them. Memories of other lives and other places are close to the surface. The worlds are closer together. Feel embraced by of the transformation of the world, you become part of this circle of life.

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