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Another Worlds Soul

You might not be aware of something that is affecting you, or able to grasp the full scope, since there is much that exists beyond our current consciousness. Try instead to understand the manifestations of what’s affecting you to lead to a bigger picture. A cow in a cowshed might not be able to grasp that it’s part of a larger milk industry but it may understand that it is caged. What are the effects of the powers that are guiding you?

If you draw this card and do not recall a time of being in tune with a dimension of existence outside of mundane, 3D reality, it may be that your inner self is calling you to make that connection. Time spent in nature, meditation, or just quiet contemplation may bring you to a subtle awareness of a part of existence that is beyond space and time; consistency in tuning in to this portion of being can invite higher guidance into your daily life, and contentment into your heart.

However, if you are already aware of a broader dimension of existence and have felt drawn toward it, then this card is guiding you to open more to its influence. The energy of another realm, or perhaps even a part of yourself which dwells in such a realm, is endeavoring to seek greater expression in your life. The imagery on this card connects the energies of air and earth, Spirit and matter; through you, etheric energies can enter into form. It may be time to take a new direction in your worldly activities that allows your true spirit to express itself.


Natalie, 2017/02/04 02:30

You should consider working with others on your endeavors. Seek out soul counselor's and those with higher wisdom and understandings to help you at this time with this decision you need to make.

Brianna, 2016/12/05 23:02

This is perfectly worded as we can understand our constraints but we are all part of something bigger on the macrocosmic scale even micro

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