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The Visionary Cards Knowledge base

Here you can find and edit the meaning of the cards. We believe that everyone who experiences the cards has wisdom to impart, and together, we can create an amazing knowledge base! If you want to become an editor please Register . Lets create the knowledge of other dimensions!

Fearless Warrior

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Fire Of Angels

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Here & Now

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Inside My Spirituality

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Adam Bar

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Another Worlds Soul

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Circle Of Life

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Deep Roots

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Into Life

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Looking Forward

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Mental Agriculture

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Nature Connection

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New Discoveries

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Out Of Reach

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Pacha Mama

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Plants Guide Us

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Pure Dream

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Reflection Reaction

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Self Portrait

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The Baby

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The Centaur

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The Diamond

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The Egg

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The Gate Of Knowledge

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The Horse

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The Lovers

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The Mermaid

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The Mushroom

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The Other Side

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The Rebel

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The Shaman

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The Third Eye

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The Watcher

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Water Of Wisdom

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Jenny Mårtensson, 2017/06/14 05:23

Hi from Sweden :) I just got my cards and I'm almost nervous to begin to use them. For now I just wanted to say hallo, this seems like a wonderful Idea. Maybe we can create a group on Facebook to shear our experience on the spirituell journey. With Love Jenny Mårtensson

Chara, 2017/02/10 15:48

I just got mine today! Yeah!

Michelle Meyer, 2017/02/03 21:39

Was scrolling thru Facebook about to log off, when I saw these beautiful, majickal cards! Just ordered, registered to add to wiki, and cannot wait to begin; and , also see what messages others have received! Thank you, this is a wonderful idea! Utilizing the collective! Love and Light!

Winona, 2017/02/03 18:26

I just received my deck and I am SO EXCITED. They are so SO BEAUTIFUL and hold huge energy for me already. I cannot wait to start working with these cards. Excitement and joy!!! Blessings!

Jan Palmer, 2017/02/03 13:18

I would like to carry these at my wellness center. Do you sell wholesale? What is your minimum order?Please email me:

Liz moya, 2016/12/18 21:19

i just purchased your cards from the metaphysical store here in glendale arizona…the first card i pulled was the centaur which is sagittarius…my sign. i love these cards already!! thank you…much love and light!

Neal, 2016/12/13 15:33

Are there 'instructions' or a how-to with these cards?

I assume the primary step-by-step is to shuffle the cards, focus on a question or intention, and draw a card for an answer/guidance? Is the divination process meant to be that simple for these cards?

Is there a more complex process or ritual anyone else recommends?

I thought a booklet would be included with the cards with instructions for use. But perhaps I am overthinking how involved the process must be and it's as simple as drawing a card?

Thank you.

Ben Noach, 2016/12/14 17:36

Hi Neal, Thanks For asking :-) the cards can be used in many ways and each person has its own ways of using them. try to feel the energy of each card what is it telling you? what is it makes you feel? then try to ask something and take a card out, try to feel it and understand its answer. what is it telling you regarding to your question ? then you can take another card out and see what the combination brings , for example: lets say you took out 2 cards

The Rebel is about breaking the frame and create new paths .

Gate of knowledge is about opening of the gate to new dimensions of knowledge.

you can also open 3 cards 1 for past 1 for present and 1 for future. that gives more of an timeline story… i hope i helped . let me know if you need any more info . Thanks

Todd, 2016/12/08 02:49

I was interested in helping with edit the card descriptions, but when clicking the register button I am directed to the website , which displays the “404 - Not Found” message. If a decision's been made to lock out public editing I understand, but if editing is intended to be functional then it looks to me like the “register” link is broken. Thanks!

– Todd

Ben Noach, 2016/12/08 07:57

Thanks Todd, this is fixed now. would love to see you editing :-)

Todd, 2016/12/08 20:43

Thank you Ben! If I insert anything that is deemed to not be in alignment with the original text, I will not object to having it removed; just trying to contribute as I can.

Thanks for the quick response. :-)

Todd, 2016/12/12 02:10

Just a follow up Ben -

Over the last few days, I've been posing a question to the cards each day, and then letting the card drawn speak to me. Based on the (rich!) content of what I receive, I've added some commentary to the descriptions of the cards that were already provided here.

I hope this has been helpful. If so, I do plan to continue, but just wanted to add that I'll be slowing down some. I'm getting much to reflect upon each time I do a reading, and performing one every day is getting to be more than I can assimilate.

So, more to follow; I'll just be a little slower from this point.

Warm regards, Todd

Ben Noach, 2016/12/13 15:46

You are doing a great Job! Thank you very much. i am happy to hear that you enjoy the cards. i hope more people will contribute here in the near future. Thanks for the efforts todd

Simon, 2016/11/30 00:32

Hey! Would out be possible to send out a pdf format of the card meanings please? I would love to print out a small booklet :) Thank you

Ben Noach, 2016/11/30 08:08

Hi, we will publish a book in some point… for now you can print the pages from here … :-) Thanks

Chris Duplis, 2016/12/28 14:55

I agree that there needs to be a printable compilation of the card meanings. I would prefer to not have to get online every time I feel guided to pull a card for myself or someone else…

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